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Addy Awards

“We want to produce for our local partners spots that are worthy of being aired during the Superbowl, without being too expensive. How do we do it?”
That was the challenge the partners committed to solving, and the solution came in the way of advances in technology which took video image quality into the stratosphere and allowed for substantially smaller crews, saving substantial amounts of money. These savings were then passed onto customers, allowing even a mom and pop or regional business to enjoy high-quality production values at a fraction of the previous costs.

As put by Project Manager Blake Barnett “High-Quality video production is now accessible to so many more businesses that anyone who doesn’t have a video strategy is at a disadvantage. While a business might think they cannot afford a real video production crew and professional editing and graphics, they would be surprised that they don’t need $250,000 to pull off a great, professional-looking spot.”

For BLARE Media, the addition of creating content for the Web, including full-fledged websites, was a natural extension of what it was already doing — and something clients were asking for. Having worked on their own sites, as well as having developed countless Flash and other digital assets to incorporate into their video productions, it was a no- brainer to combine all of it into a branch of the business that provided one-stop-shopping for all things Web: web design, streaming video, content management systems, search engine optimization, mobile app development, content marketing and more.
Leveraging its success and the continued demand for professional video services, BLARE has expanded across the West with satellite offices in various cities including Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Dallas.

What’s next for BLARE Media? There is no stopping the growth of the Web and the need for content for it. We look forward to blazing some more trails in this space.

BLARE Media. Think national.

Our Commitment To Our Clients

YOUR DATA IS SAFE: We back up everything to LTO tape immediately and archive your files indefinitely.

SCRIPTS ARE SIMPLE: We transcribe all interviews to get us all on the same page right from the start. This makes scripts easier to write and easier to edit.

A SHARP FUTURE: We typically acquire in a higher resolution than we master – this means that your footage is “future proof.”

WE DO WHAT IT TAKES: We are quite generous with our editing hours and use them only as a guideline. At the end of the day it’s about getting the job done and getting it done right.

THE ONLY INEVITABILITY IS CHANGE: We approach our designs and edits for their inevitable evolutions. We use our technology to plan ahead so that updates, changes, and revamps are easy and painless.

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU: Our communications are extremely timely and we pride ourselves on same day response to questions or concerns.

WE WON’T LEAVE YOU HANGING: Guaranteed redundancy of crew. We’ll never leave you without a shooter or down a crew member. We have a solid list of available backups for nearly any situation and and always have a plan to fill-in crew in the event of a sickness or emergency.

WE DELIVER ON TIME: We make deadlines a priority and we stick to them. We understand the importance of your meeting, your trade show or your premier, and will work around the clock to deliver the goods.

NO HIDDEN COSTS: We don’t make our money by making it after the fact, we make it by making our clients happy. We are known for our clear, up-front and detailed proposals that help our clients understand exactly what they’re paying for and why. Expect to spend what you signed up for and get more than you paid for.