American Arm Trailer

This video is for the American Arm, a great new nationwide contest to find the best amateur pitcher in America. If you think you have the skills, check out their tour and show them what you’ve got. Last man standing wins a new car and signs a professional contract! We shot this in one night [&hellip

Smarter Science of Slim

“A proven lifestyle for long-term health. Evidence that eating less and exercising more is harmful. Endorsed by the world-wide scientific community. Approved curriculum for RDs by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Eat smarter. Exercise smarter. Live better.” Billions are spent per year on diet foods, pills and potions to lose weight and stay fit. [&hellip

Brandon and Casey Wright’s Wedding

This is one of the weddings that really got it Wright!! Then again how can you go wrong when you’re on the Beach. We had a really awesome time with Brandon & Casey Wright. Definitely not the usual suburbian wedding when you need to make sure you get all the “W”right camera angles of the [&hellip