stockton video production

San Joaquin Regional Transit District

Stockton Video Production When the San Joaquin Regional Transit District needed to make a commercial to highlight new busses and services, they had four simple goals in mind: make it look like a car show awards ceremony, include all their friendly staffers, highlight their mascot, and show off the busses working in notable locations throughout [&hellip
Visalia Video Production

Crawdaddy’s – Visalia

Visalia Video Production for Crawdaddy’s Our second round of production for Crawdaddy’s involved writing, storyboarding, shooting and editing four :15 second TV spots to showcase specific facets of the Crawdaddy’s experience. One spot features the Visalia landmark’s Sunday brunch: Additional spots push early-bird dinners, family-friendly dining and, last but not least, Crawdaddy’s house band, The [&hellip
Bakersfield video production

Gundlach’s Services

Bakersfield Video Production When we were approached by Scope Studios about doing a video production campaign for Gundlach’s Services of Bakersfield, we knew it would be a challenge, but we knew we were ready for it. We needed to do 6 unique stories, in a distinct style, all in one house, during a 3 day [&hellip
Fresno Video

Fresno Video Mercedes-Benz Spot

Fresno Video Mercedes-Benz Video Commercial Spot By utilizing 2 Epics, 3 Go-Pros and a whole slew of rigging gear, we were able to deliver a unique take on the “Test Drive” with these spots for Mercedes-Benz. They were produced and directed by Windsong Productions and shot by Kyle Gentz and Justin McAleece with a crew [&hellip
sjvc video

SJVC – Fast Success

SJVC Video This SJVC video campaign was a lot of fun. By working with Byron Watkins and the whole crew at Windsong Productions, we were able to come up with some interesting ways to show some profound concepts, quickly. By drawing from a variety of influences such as the snappiness of an Esurance spot, the [&hellip
porterville video production

Eagle Mountain Casino

Porterville Video Production Eagle Mountain Casino is a gem of a place that is nestled in the mountains and certainly off the beaten path. For these spots we were tasked with getting a whole lot of footage in only a single day and we were happy to be able to get a ton of great [&hellip
bakersfield video production

Young Wooldridge

Bakersfield Video Production When venerable Kern County law firm Young Wooldridge wanted to do a personal injury spot that avoided cliché and embodied the values of their firm and the community they serve, they turned to us here at Blare Media. We sent a team to their Bakersfield office consisting of Director Joel Forrest, Director [&hellip
Chowchilla Video Production

David Rogers for Congress

Chowchilla Video Production David Rogers is a Chowchilla-based small business owner and public servant that is making a bid for the United States Congress. For this spot (and subsequent ones) we spent a few days with David and his family which included shooting at a rally, at their home, at the ranch, in Yosemite and [&hellip