Sanger DelRey Cemetery District

1. California Raisins “Overview” 03:57

Extensive planning was required; with filming beginning at bud break in the Spring through time-lapse growth in the Summer, ending with multiple har-vest events in the Fall. With 100+ degree temps in the field and some heated discussions in the boardroom, diplomacy and perseverance were required to gain approval of all nine of California Raisins three-minute videos.

2. Fogg, Maxwell, Lanier & Remington “Dr. Maxwell” 01:32

A testimonial featuring Fresno State Coach Mike Watney and his family proved so effective promoting LASIK for the practice it was cut down to a :30 second TV spot. Using a drone to capture the beauty of the golf course contributed to its look but it also helped that the testifiers were credible individuals who were able to communicate comfortably on camera.

3. Episcopal Communities & Services “The Good Life” 03:20

The Sophie Miller Foundation was established in 2009 to support the char-itable activities of this non-profit, mission-based organization to serve all religious backgrounds because seniors have a need for spiritual enrichment regardless of their faith background and financial situation.

4. Keenan Farms “Pio the Pistachio” 04:43

How do you add personality to a big time Ag operation? You start with the family who owns the farm and packing house, then layer on a comic char-acter of sorts and you’ve got “Pio,” the Keenan Family’s favorite pistachio. The nice thing about a guy like “Pio” is he becomes an easy character for consumers to swallow.

5. Youtil Platform “Managing LED Technology” 06:57

In the lighting world, energy consultants, electrical contractors, architects, building owners, energy companies and lighting manufacturers often work at cross-purposes with each other. The Youtil App was designed for all the various parties to have a platform where they can be on the same page. Our video was produced as a means to interest investors in the start up organi-zation.

Blare Media – Aerial demo reel

Unlike some production companies, we operate our drone with a pilot and a camera operator. This teamwork provides a more fluid and flexible vision that a single operator can achieve. Check out our demo reel to see what we are talking about.