Employee Video Testimonial - Mattress Firm - First Bed

Mattress Firm

Employee Video Testimonial We captured this Mattress Firm’s employee testimonial video in the Phoenix, Arizona area. It was the perfect time of the year. We followed Christina from Chandler to Scottsdale to check out her store. We learned the importance of a good mattress. We also captured Christina interacting with her clients and community. This [&hellip
Blu-ray Technology

Blu-ray Association

Blu-ray Technology Here is a video we created to promote 4k Blu-ray technology. This is one video out of a series of of 5 videos. In this overview video we did our best to cover all the benefits. 4k Resolution: 4K refers to one of two high definition resolutions: 3840 x 2160 pixels or 4096 [&hellip
San Francisco Production - Anchor Brewing

Anchor Brewing Company

San Francisco Production Anton Paar – Anchor Brewing Testimonial When producing a client testimonial video we often go out to the enduser’s location. Which for this video it happens to be in the City of San Francisco and the home of the Anchor Brewing company. One of the oldest breweries in the West. There we heard and [&hellip
Video Production Fresno

California Raisins

California Raisins Video Production Project During the 1980s, “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” commercials made sure the world was aware of the California Raisin. But that was a long time ago and the California Raisin Marketing Board no longer enjoys those big media budgets. What they did have was a production budget for a [&hellip
LED Lighting - West Coast Customs

LED Lighting – Youtil

LED Lighting and Green Technology As Dr. Yufu Cheng, the director of the Regions of Climate Action told us when we began pre-production, the worldwide push for green technology is creating a period of disruption within the hundred year-old commercial lighting industry: However, that disruption can be managed more simply and efficiently with the implementation [&hellip
Corporate Video Production

Williams-Sonoma Recruitment Video

Corporate Video Production – Recruitment Video for Williams-Sonoma Williams-Sonoma Home offers an exclusive assortment of casually elegant furniture, lighting and decorative accessories – all designed to stand the test of time. When a representative from the rapidly expanding Williams-Sonoma contacted us, they were looking for a way to portray the unique, uplifting environment that their [&hellip
Online Video Campaign - LASIK TV Commercial

King of LASIK

Online Video Campaign Dr. Andrew Maxwell, referred to by at least one of his patients, as the “King of LASIK” is an international authority on refractive surgery. In 2017, Pattie Turnbull, the marketing director for Fogg, Maxwell, Lanier & Remington EyeCare, turned to Blare Media to contract with us to develop a broadcast TV and [&hellip
music video

Sustainability Music Video

Music Video Project Over the last 10 years or so we’ve made well over 50 music videos. Many of them have been rap or hip hop related, but this was the first time we were able to take our music video sensibilities and apply them to a government project. We shot this all in one [&hellip