San Jose Airport

Clear Channel – San Jose Airport

San Jose Airport When Clear Channel needed video production about modular airplane cabin features, they took off with Blare Media. We sent DP Roger Stoneburner to capture the public interacting with the Transpose exhibit at the San Jose airport, and judging by everyone’s response, its the future of exciting new options onboard airplanes. Edited by [&hellip
Medical Video Productions

Medical Animation Video

Medical Video Productions This video was a ton of work and allowed us to expand our capabilities as a company. It’s comprised entirely of 3D graphics and ended up being pretty extensive. We’ve done a lot of projects in the medical video production segment of the market and it is always fun to be on [&hellip
Perlite Division

Perlite Division – IMERYS

Got perlite problems? Probably not, unless you’re either mining perlite or are responsible for keeping any number of cold boxes, tanks and tankers insulated. Working with illustrator Doug Morris & editor Jason Wada we created animated sequences to provide visual richness to an otherwise mundane mechanical process. These graphics and animations, when combined with a [&hellip
taco bell

Taco Bell

When Taco Bell Canada needed a local team from Los Angeles to cover a special trip for contest winners they called BLARE Media. The idea was that they were taking some of their most devoted fans from the snowy lands of Canada and sending them to the sunny beaches of California for a once in [&hellip
San Francisco Corporate Video

Cengage Learning – Walkthrough

San Francisco Video Production Cengage Learning in San Francisco is not only a great company to work for, but a great company to shoot for. This was an interesting video because we were able to take the typical model for a corporate video and turn it on its head a bit. Instead of having a [&hellip
Merced Video Production

51 Fifty Organic Energy Drink

Merced Video Production Agriculture is the lifeblood of the Central Valley and although we’ve done a lot of shoots on farms, this was the first time we actually did one for an energy drink… Or sweet potatoes for that matter! It’s always fun to work with 51Fifty to bring a vision together for one of [&hellip
Medical Video Production

Community Medical Centers

Medical Video Production Blare Media worked with illustrator Doug Morris and in-house editor Jason Wada to produce this info-rich video on how and why an emergency room can become overcrowded and what can be done about it. The primary challenge of this video production was showing ER patient images while observing patient privacy rules. Using [&hellip
Agriculture Video Production

Keenan Farms – Lance and Pio

Agriculture Video Production Family owned ag business’ are what make the Central Valley great and Keenan Farms is a fantastic example of that. They’ve been around since 1972 cultivating and delivering the finest pistachios in the world. It was our job not only to capture that on a few specific days of harvest but also [&hellip