Bitcoin Video Production


Bitcoin Video Production Project KeepKey is a hardware wallet designed to store and secure bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, dash, and namecoinwhile protecting them from virtual attacks such as malware and viruses. Our Seattle production team met with the KeepKey gurus where their Senior Software Engineer, Kenneth Heutmaker, provided us with all the tech [&hellip
Medical Corporate Video - LONZA


Medical Corporate Video We shot this video in Houston at a beautiful new building that Lonza was still in the process of finishing. For those who’ve never heard of Lonza, they do some incredible work in product development services to the pharmaceutical and biologic industries. This includes organic, fine, and performance chemicals, custom manufacturing of [&hellip
Santa Clara County Video Production

Santa Clara County HHW Program

Santa Clara Video Production Whiteboard style illustrated videos are a great way to break out of the Sea of Sameness so common in today’s media landscape. We called upon the artistry talent of Doug Morris to create the images and lead editor Jason Wada to bring them to life. This spot for Recycled Batteries & [&hellip
Seattle Video Production - Moss Adams

Moss Adams

Seattle Video Production Sometimes when we do interviews for clients it’s a difficult thing to get the people to give us genuine, clear and heartwarming sentiment. It’s not that they don’t want to, it’s just that being on camera is not most people’s favorite thing. Cut to Moss Adams – We did 20, hour long [&hellip
San Jose Video Production

Clear Channel – San Jose Airport

San Jose Video Production When Clear Channel contacted us to do a video about signs at an airport in San Jose, it seemed like something that could be tough to make visually compelling. However with the Panasonic GH4, the DJI Ronin, some creative angles, TimeLapses and slick editing, we were able to turn it into [&hellip

Children’s Hospital – The Dallas Carr Story

Sometimes when you go into a shoot you’ll have a preconception about how things would normally go. Other times you get told that all the things you planned on making up the story with were now off-limits. In this piece for Children’s Hospital we were tasked with telling the story of Dallas Carr, the son [&hellip
Time-lapse Video Production

Time-lapse Video

Time-lapse Video Production Pulling off a long-term time-lapse video production project can be a tough thing to do, but it all begins with solid pre-production. The execution comes down to three vital things: good placement, a solid and redundant camera setup, and a smooth post workflow. Knowing where to put the camera takes a lot [&hellip
San Francisco Video Production

CENGAGE – What is MindTap

San Francisco Video Production We have been able to do quite a bit of work with Cengage but most of it didn’t really show off our graphics capabilities. This project allowed us to not only expand our screen capture options with some new software but to incorporate a variety of different types of content into [&hellip