Three Blind Saints

Through our good producer friend Allan Hagan we were able to travel to Kansas City, Missouri and more specifically the beautiful town of Lee’s Summit, Missouri to spend a month and shoot this heartwarming feature film. Justin McAleece was the Camera Operator on the film along with the Director of Photography, Tal Lazar. Nicole McAleece [&hellip

Cinema Reel 2013

Here is the cinema reel for the last few years of Blare Media’s narrative work. Some of the images are taken from projects that Justin McAleece or Ian McAleece worked as Camera Operators, Gaffers or both but most are from projects where they operated as the Directors of Photography whether separately or together. Around 50% [&hellip

Phase Two Trailer

The completion of this award winning movie has been a long time coming. We shot most of it in the deserts of California City and utilized California Studios for most of the buildings and backdrops. It was directed by Jason Sanders and was one of our first feature films on the RED One Camera. We [&hellip

Showboys – Trailer

Showboys is a fun comedy romp in the tradition of Superbad and Road Trip with a dash of Judd Apatow thrown in. It features cinematography by BLARE Media through the efforts of Fresno Natives Bryan Harley, and brothers Justin and Ian McAleece. They shot the film on the Red One Camera with some DSLR shots [&hellip

Gordon Family Tree – Teaser Trailer

Synopsis: Gordon Family Tree is a bright, independent Feature Film appropriate for all audiences. Quirky, beautiful, comedic, and a coming-of-age roadtrip, Freemont Gordon discovers that “Embracing who you are is what matters” while driving across the country and building Tree Houses for families in need. He finds that any job, no matter how small, is [&hellip

LEX Teaser Trailer

This was a short film we shot in association with Aftershock Studios and Troy Ruff. Justin McAleece served as the Director of Photography and a majority of the film was shot using Blare Media’s Red One camera

Measure of a Man

After being raised in an Oklahoma orphanage, 15 year-old Donald makes his way to California during the depression. He meets Emogene, the daughter of poor migrant farm laborers, and together they set out to break the cycle of poverty and ignorance. This is the inspiring true story of Donald P. Bailey, a charming, and eccentric [&hellip

Luke Cage Trailer

Here is a teaser trailer/audition reel we did for our good friend and Fresno native Eric Thomas Wilson. We shot the majority of this in LA in a large studio and the remainder at a bar in Hollywood. It was great to work with a lot of new people on this project and a pleasure [&hellip