Sacramento Music Video Production

Laddi Edans ‘Pyaar” (Love)

Sacramento Music Video Production Dance party, anyone? The BLARE team is all about good music and great moves! We shot this music video for Pop Artist Laddi Edans. Getting to shoot around Laddi’s stomping grounds in Sac was a pretty fun experience for the team, and we were happy to know that he was enjoying [&hellip
music video

Sustainability Music Video

Music Video Project Over the last 10 years or so we’ve made well over 50 music videos. Many of them have been rap or hip hop related, but this was the first time we were able to take our music video sensibilities and apply them to a government project. We shot this all in one [&hellip
Katja Glieson - Ride The Wave

Katja Glieson – Ride the Wave

Katja Glieson is so much fun to work with and her crew of dancers and management is second to none. For this music video we were able to shoot in Thunder Studios in Long Beach and use a lot of the usual studio suspects such as a multitude of 10K’s, 5K’s, Lekos and Maxi-Brutes. We [&hellip
Music Video Reel

Music Video Reel

Music Video Reel Here is a small sampling of the music video work we’ve done over the last 5 years or so. There are a lot of projects that we couldn’t put up yet, got used for other reels or didn’t fit the flow of this video, but this gives you a good taste of [&hellip

Katja Glieson – Look At Us

Doing this video was a bit of a departure for us. We haven’t done that many straight-up pop videos with a solid dance number, but this one represented a great opportunity for us to do something new and exciting. We lit it very brightly with a lot of pop and a lot of color and [&hellip

Nic Neufeld – Nobody Better Than You ft. Adam Hicks

What a fun video this was! It was great to be able to shoot in Fresno and utilize some great locations and fantastic local talent. Christian Strickland directed this video for the up and coming Disney artist and it all went off really well. We shot the video on our RED Epic and used our [&hellip

Filthy Rich – Take You away

This is a music video we did for a Miami based rapper named Filthy Rich. It was directed by Christian Strickland and allowed us to fly to Florida and go to quite a few beautiful locations to get a lot of varied looks. It was a really fun project and the talent was great to [&hellip

Tripp Berlin – Fashionably Late

This was a wild music video that we shot at a fun house outside of Bakersfield for SoCal artist Tripp Berlin. As you can see there were a lot of pretty ladies and partying and the shoot was a really good time. Jason Wada edited the video which was concepted by Tripp Berlin and directed [&hellip