This is a music video we did for SPICE 1 and Layzie Bone. Sacramento and the surrounding areas was our back drop and we used the Red EPIC camera and a small crew with only a couple lights. It was a pretty run and gun shoot with almost entirely “found” locations. Nevertheless, it was good [&hellip

Deltron 3030 ft. Mike Patton – City Rising from the Ashes

The Deltron 3030 album has been a longtime favorite of our Head of Production, Justin McAleece and so when there was a chance to do a music video for their first single off their first album in 13 years we jumped at it. We were able to put together custom wardrobe and props, find some [&hellip

Kriti Sharma – Baby what you mean to me

This was a very fun music video. We shot about 2/3 of it in Las Vegas and then drove a few hours to Death Valley to get some spectacular desert shots. In fact the wind and sand became quite the chore to deal with but Kriti was a trooper the whole time. Even with the [&hellip

Blue Kai – Ad Tech Style

This project was a whole lot of fun! In the midst of PSY fever we were approached by a company called Blue Kai that is a big player in the Advertising Tech Sector, meaning that they deal with web marketing data. It may not be the sexiest of topics so they came to us to [&hellip

Whisky Row – West Side Ride

Here is the first “Country” music video we’ve ever done, for a great Valley band “Whisky Row.” The guys were really great to shoot with and really appreciative of all our hard work. They are truly talented singer/songwriters and we are pretty happy with the final video. We shot it on the EPIC camera and [&hellip

Fashawn – Down That Road

This video was done for an outstanding rapper and local favorite Fashawn. He was a pleasure to work with and between our aerial capabilities, the expert direction of Punit Dhesi of Antilabs and some cinematography by Justin McAleece this video came out beautifully. We didn’t shoot all of the scenes but we really enjoyed working [&hellip

Blaksmif – Ballin Outta Control

Here is another video that we shot with Marshall Day in Oakland and Richmond, CA. Blaksmif is a rapper all the way from The Bronx that came out here with his crew to do a couple music videos with a West Coast flavor. We also shot some pickup scenes in Fresno. My favorite shots are [&hellip

Futrell Bros – Control My feet

One of many music videos and other productions we do in Las Vegas, this was a great opportunity to work with some really talented young artists and hopefully launch them to a great career. The video was directed by Johnny Soto and shot by Ian McAleece and shot with the RED One Camera