Own A Car – Pass The Rest

For this spot we spent a lot of time researching different car commercials and chase scenes. We shot much of the footage, in Fresno, from outside the top of Blake’s H3. We had our Vinten Vision 10 setup hanging out the moonroof being held in place with a few c-stand arms and gobo heads. We [&hellip

500 Club

Adam Carolla did the voice over in the video production. This spot shows the clubs services well which include drinks, gambling and fun. For the 500 Club and Casino we used a variety of video production techniques to make all the windows that appear and float up on the back of the poker chips. We [&hellip

Aquatic Aggression

Television commercial for a fish store which we produced in 2006 and was one of our first commercials using after affects

Propel – UFO

Propel makes all the awesome remote controlled toys you would find in stores like Brookstone. We’ve done about 25 videos for them for all sorts of different toys. If it flies, drives or spins we’ve shot it for them. This one was particularly difficult to shoot due to its small size, but it was still [&hellip