bakersfield video production

Young Wooldridge

Bakersfield Video Production When venerable Kern County law firm Young Wooldridge wanted to do a personal injury spot that avoided cliché and embodied the values of their firm and the community they serve, they turned to us here at Blare Media. We sent a team to their Bakersfield office consisting of Director Joel Forrest, Director [&hellip
Chowchilla Video Production

David Rogers for Congress

Chowchilla Video Production David Rogers is a Chowchilla-based small business owner and public servant that is making a bid for the United States Congress. For this spot (and subsequent ones) we spent a few days with David and his family which included shooting at a rally, at their home, at the ranch, in Yosemite and [&hellip
bakersfield video production

Castle and Cooke

Bakersfield Video Production For our Bakersfield video production projects we love working with Scope Studios and this spot was no exception. It was a little toasty outside these days, but we were able to get some images that we are proud of. We also got to use a Fisher 12 dolly and some great Red [&hellip
Bakersfield TV Commercial

Kern Federal Credit Union

Bakersfield TV Commercial Here is another spot we did with our friends at Scope Studios in Bakersfield. We approached this commercial in a little different way than we often would and were able to play with the light, the speed and the general look and feel in a unique way. Our favorite part is knowing [&hellip
branding video

Kaplan Reasons 60

Branding Video for Kaplan College Here is the 60 second branding video we did with JP Marketing for Kaplan College. Byron Watkins directed this spot which was part of a 5 spot national campaign that we did in October of 2010. The storyboard required us to shoot in Fresno, Yosemite, Morro Bay, Las Vegas and [&hellip
Fresno Video Production

Deli Delicious

Fresno Video Production Deli Delicious is a, well… Delicious Deli that started in Fresno and has since expanded to a multitude of locations in the Valley and beyond. We had the honor of shooting their very first television commercial and were happy to include so many local actors and even the parents of the director! [&hellip
Casino Video Production

Red Wind Casino

Casino Video Production Shooting in Olympia? Making a guy fly? A beautiful house on the beach? Why not! This was quite an exciting production for us not only because we got to try some tricks that we don’t usually get to but also because we’re quite pleased with the final end product. KK BOLD – [&hellip
Restaurant Video Production

Westwoods BBQ

Restaurant Video Production Westwoods BBQ has quickly become a Fresno favorite and this commercial makes it pretty clear why. Shooting food is usually fun, but when the food is prepared by a team of individuals that is truly passionate about its source and preparation it’s all that much better. Dave Fansler has brought gourmet but [&hellip