Yosemite Video Production

Yosemite Ranch Restaurant

Yosemite Video Production Yosemite Ranch is one of Fresno’s finest steak houses and it starts from the top down. As you can see from this commercial the owner Dave Fansler is not only hands on but head strong about his approach to great steaks and a great dining experience. This is the second spot in [&hellip
Fresno Tourism TV Commercial

Fresno Convention & Visitors Bureau

Fresno Tourism It’s always fun to get paid to be a tourist in your own hometown. Sometimes you get to see things from a different perspective or at least get to enjoy some of the aspects that makes us different as a city or county. We did this spot through Bertz-Rosa Creative and it was [&hellip
Prestige Motors - Video Production Seattle, WA

Prestige Motors – Colors

Video Production Seattle Please take a peek at our latest spot we have created for Prestige Motors in Yakima, WA. We want to thank MJ and the guys at Prestige for their help on this very exciting project. Shot by Justin McAleece, edited by Jason Wada and produced by Alan Agazarian, this was a group [&hellip
Intelligent Fat Loss

Lipexin – Intelligent Fat Loss

Intelligent Fat Loss Lipexin is an amazing new supplement that really seems to work! We shot this spot in our Fresno studio and were lucky to work with one of our old friends Becca Davenport. She was a great sport through the course of a number of different commercials and did a great job! It [&hellip
Whiteboard Video Production - Smart Energy Solar

Smart Energy Solar

Whiteboard Video Production This whiteboard / animation commercial was created for Smart Energy Solar in Corona, California. We designed four versions of the commercial for a Southern California advertising campaign and we think they turned out great! Doug Morris was responsible for the creative and whiteboard drawings and we shot them in our studio with [&hellip

Crawdaddy’s Restaurant

A downtown landmark, Crawdaddy’s Restaurant & Bar enjoys an impressive following in the Visalia community. Creative director Doug Morris capitalizes on this enthusiasm in interviews with actual diners while Blare Media’s production team of Justin & Ian McAleece makes our mouths water filming Crawdaddy’s signature dishes. And when editor Jason Wada masterfully weaves it all [&hellip
Community Regional Medical Center

Community Regional Medical Center

Community Regional Medical Center – Our Hearts A beautiful spot for an important place… Sometimes the story, the lighting, the wardrobe and set design all coincide to make something truly satisfying. With this spot we were able to not only tell a 60 second story but to do it almost entirely with imagery and only [&hellip
Four Commercials - EECU

EECU – Red Seats

When you are tasked with shooting four commercials in 6 hours inside and out, across a big location and with a lot of ground to cover, the pre-production is crucial. For these commercials we did a lot of scouting and planning and actually decided to shoot and cut a non-lit, stand-in version of the spots [&hellip