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Video Production Fresno

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Video Production Fresno

By choosing Fresno as the location of your next video production you’ll be able to film in one of the world’s greatest and most diverse agricultural regions.

Located in the center of the San Joaquin Valley, Fresno is surrounded by horse farms, dairies, vineyards, and orange groves, as well as any number of different tree fruit and nut orchards.

Your video production will also have easy access to the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains, home to three of America’s most beautiful National Parks; Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon. And what a location: Fresno County is located at the exact center of California.

But please, don’t misunderstand; Fresno is also a major California metropolitan area, the state’s fifth largest in fact, lying just three hours north of Los Angeles and the same distance south of San Francisco.

A video production centered in Fresno also affords production crews access to a big city skyline, small city business districts, classic, vintage and modern neighborhoods in a wide range of architectural styles.

Aside from major highways and rail lines converging on Fresno, there are also a number of airports, starting with the big one, the magnificently styled Fresno Yosemite International Airport featuring life-sized Sequoia redwoods creating the feel of a forest floor in the airport’s main lobby. FYI also happens to be home to the Air National Guard’s 144th Fighter Wing with the much-vaunted F-15 squadrons.

Fresno has it all and serves Blare Media well providing video production locations, from urban, to rural, to wilderness: Welcome to Fresno here you get all the locations without the big city price tag and production nightmares.

Video Production Fresno

Fresno's Unique Places

Video Production Fresno

Do what Steven Spielberg

did for his last “Indiana Jones” film and

choose historic Chandler Field

Video Production Fresno

Yosemite International Airport

featuring life-sized Sequoia redwoods

creating the feel of a forest floor in the

airport’s main lobby

Video Production Fresno

Fresno City Hall,

a 300,000 square foot “spaceport-styled”

glass and metal clad architectural

masterpiece designed by Arthur Erickson

Video Production Fresno

Fresno’s original airport

comes complete with retro Art Deco

architecture and a flying community that’s

supportive of aviation video production

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Video Production Fresno

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